top 7:

  1. Eddie Holman – I Surrender
  2. The Last Generation – Just A Chance In Life
  3. 86 Proof – You Ain’t About La-De-Da
  4. Robert Whitfield – Keep On Dancing To The Music
  5. The Interpretations – I Got Nothing But Time
  6. The Masters Of Music – Trouble Don’t Last Always
  7. Don Julian – Shorty The Pimp

About Poly Rhythm:

Vinyl-collector and Le Fonque resident since many many years.
Influenced from the early Hamburg Locations „Bronx“, „Third World“, „Front“ and the record shops at that time (Rocco, Starpoint and other more)
Favourite styles: Xover-Soul, Modern Soul, Funk, Boogie

In the fall of 2016, DJ Poly Rhythm went on to meet the funk gods of old in heaven. May he rest in peace.

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